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Biodynamic and Organic Wines!

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Every day our interest as consumers in ecological and organic products is increasing, and wines were never going to be an exception. Have you never thought of buying an organic wine? When we hear of ecological products, we think of products … Continuar leyendo

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Ageing wine in the bottle.

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The ageing  and maturing process of wine is a long, calm and delicate stage, of which the final objective is to give wine, tones, aromas and distinct characters that we find in the younger wines. This process involves a two stage process: … Continuar leyendo

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Wine aged on its lees.

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Unctuosity, aromatic intensity, density… Surely we won’t be wrong if we affirm that most of our readers prefers wines that are similar to what we have just mentioned. These are some of the attributes that are typically found in wine aged … Continuar leyendo

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Choosing the best cava: A matter of tastes

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Having some knowledge on cava‘s elaboration and classification can be a great help when choosing one. This product, created and developed in the shadow of champagne, has reached maturity as a quality sparkling wine with style and uniqueness. It is … Continuar leyendo

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