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What is an Atlantic Wine?

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  Some of our regular reader may remember that not too long ago, we dedicated an entire article to looking at Mediterranean wines. The wines are warming, muscular and exuberant in aromas, which can be said in no other way … Continuar leyendo

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At what temperature should you serve each type of wine?

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As you may have already seen, the last post was about the ideal serving temperature of wines in the summer. We won’t stray away from the subject. This post will try to shed some light on the optimal serving temperatures … Continuar leyendo

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The ideal serving temperature for summer wine

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The ideal serving temperature of wine is of vital importance for its correct consumption, even moreso during the summer. Ideal serving temperatures will depend on the perception of the wine’s aromas and flavours at tasting. Although a relatively easy factor … Continuar leyendo

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Tasting of wines by Luis Alegre

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Some days ago, we met Alex Simó, from the winery Luis Alegre, and tasted his wines in Carlos Abellán’s Restaurant, Bravo 24, together with the restaurant’s sommelier, Sergi Figueras (Spain’s best sommelier 2012) and Antonio Lopo, sommelier at the restaurant … Continuar leyendo

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Decántalo by Captain Cork

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Our German friends at Captain Cork have recorded this original video tasting the amazing Ferrer Bobet 2008. Thank you very much, guys. Enjoy it!

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