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Grape-picking in Comando G: Fine wines / high class work

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We’ve set off for the Sierra de Gredos to pick grapes for a few days with Fer and Dani, components of Comando G and Daniel Landi a winery devoted to fine precision work. Grenache wines from grapes grown in impressive places, full of different microclimates, soils … Continuar leyendo

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The influence of different soils on wine: Granite

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One of the important factors of the terroir is the soil where the vine is planted. The type of soil where the roots grow, absorb nutrients and absorb solar radiation, which results in different wine profiles. We therefore think it’s … Continuar leyendo

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Bloom Festival by Comando G and Marañones

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We were anxiously waiting for it! Last week, the Bloom Festival organised by Comando G and Marañones took place in Sierra de Gredos. In each edition, this unique event brings together great wine professionals from around the world. As always, and most importantly, wine plays … Continuar leyendo

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New Parker Points for Grenaches from Sierra de Gredos – March 2016.

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Last week ended on a high and news that always gets us excited: new Parker scores for Spanish wines. Again Grenache wines from Gredos have been a point of interest that Luis Gutierrez did not want to overlook. So what … Continuar leyendo

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