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Classic wines from Rioja – the train station district

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In the introduction to the blog on classic vs modern wines we talked about the different profiles that a wine can acquire depending on the way it’s made. Among these two major classifications we can refer to a wine’s profile as … Continuar leyendo

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The Subareas of D.O.Ca. Rioja

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The Rioja Qualified Denomination of Origin is one of the oldest and most important wine regions of Spain and the entire world. Comprised of 144 municipalities, it is located in the North of Spain, occupying lands in 3 autonomous communities, La … Continuar leyendo

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Top 100 wines of 2013, according to Wine Spectator

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As every year at around this date, the prestigious specialised magazine Wine Spectator has published its particular list of the 100 best wines of the year, a must-read article for wine lovers around the world. The 2013 edition of the … Continuar leyendo

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