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The Top 10 Wines for the Summer

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Img vreimunde We compiled a list of our summer wines recommendations. These are 10 very special, fresh, palatable and perfect wines to blissfully enjoy these summer days. I´m sure that you´ll find them delectable. As summer progresses, we find ourselves … Continuar leyendo

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5 flowery white wines not to miss out on.

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Orange blossom, honeysuckle, acacia, jasmine, magnolia…We all know these aromas, but could you find them in a glass of wine? Fragrant, seductive and summery aromas, these are a few aromas that we enjoy in our wines. In today’s post we invite you … Continuar leyendo

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5 White wines aged in the barrel for your enjoyment. Don´t miss out!

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Creaminess, structure and versatility in perfect partnership… All this, and so much more, this is what white wines aged in oak barrels can offer us. A type of wine that is surely not as well known by the public in comparison to young … Continuar leyendo

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10 great wines to enjoy this summer

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Summer is here! Time to bask in the sun and enjoy some well-earned rest with friends and… you guessed it! A good glass of wine. Granted, this post is about summer wine. But when talking about summer wine, we mean … Continuar leyendo

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Tasting of wines by Luis Alegre

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Some days ago, we met Alex Simó, from the winery Luis Alegre, and tasted his wines in Carlos Abellán’s Restaurant, Bravo 24, together with the restaurant’s sommelier, Sergi Figueras (Spain’s best sommelier 2012) and Antonio Lopo, sommelier at the restaurant … Continuar leyendo

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Spanish wines from Mallorca. Discover Spain through its wines

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There is no doubt that this Mediterranean island has a very attractive seaside with white sand and crystalline water, but Mallorca invites us to go further and combine holidays in the beach with visits to old wineries, a pleasant stay … Continuar leyendo

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And finally, here we are!

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In this blog, you will have the opportunity of discovering this and much more, and it will be possible thanks to the cooperation of Quim Piera, oenologist, vine grower and enthusiast of wine and wine culture in general. He will help us understand each detail in this field. Continuar leyendo

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