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Wine pairing

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Whenever we talk about wine pairing we find ourselves embroiled in a certain controversy. Let’s say that it’s hard for us to agree on the perfect way to pair this or that dish. And the first thing we have to think about is … Continuar leyendo

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Pairing cava with meat

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In today’s post, we would like to take up the popular discussion: Wine and food partnerships. More exactly, we would like to talk about pairing Cava (possibly one of the most versatile and gastronomical wines in the world), with any … Continuar leyendo

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Pairing wine with fish

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As the heat of summer is slowly approaching, with it, our dining habits change. Almost without noticing, we abandon hot soups and stronger red meat in favour of dishes which are more consistent with the season. A cooler and lighter … Continuar leyendo

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