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Classic wines from Rioja – the train station district

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In the introduction to the blog on classic vs modern wines we talked about the different profiles that a wine can acquire depending on the way it’s made. Among these two major classifications we can refer to a wine’s profile as … Continuar leyendo

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New 2018 Parker ratings for Rioja

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Here we have the new Parker ratings for wines from Rioja, one of the most important Spanish wine regions. At a first glance, it is worth mentioning the high scores achieved by wines produced on specific farms. Luís Gutiérrez wanted to … Continuar leyendo

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Carbonic Maceration: a promising future

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A term we are starting to hear more and more in the world of wine, so let’s go over its history a little. Carbonic maceration was scientifically created by Luis Pasteur in 1872, when he studied the spontaneous fermentation process of … Continuar leyendo

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Changing times in La Rioja

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In the last week of 2015, something that had for long been discussed in the world of wine was finally confirmed: the winery Artadi leaves the DO Rioja. Artadi is a leading winery in the region of La Rioja Alavesa, … Continuar leyendo

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What’s the terroir?

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The term terroir, or terruño in Spanish, is a concept that puts together the characteristics specific to the soil, the topography, the climatology and the biodiversity of the environment in which the vines are grown. The aim of a wine … Continuar leyendo

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