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5 stories of great champagne houses that you shouldn’t miss

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Who doesn’t have eyes that light up when presented with a glass of champagne? Regardless of its different qualities, champagne is always associated with glamour and elegance, but it is also steeped in great history and tales. Today we are looking … Continuar leyendo

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Haro, the District of the wineries: Viña Tondonia, Bodegas Muga, CVNE wine, etc.

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Throughout the history of wine wineries have been located in places that winemakers have considered privileged. There are a variety of factors that influence them when choosing the best enclaves for their vineyards and facilities. Some of the most outstanding … Continuar leyendo

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Wine glasses: Which glass for which wine

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After choosing the wine you want to drink, the next important decisions are searching for the correct temperature and choosing a suitable glass to enhance the virtues and hide the weaknesses of the wine. We already spoke about the correct … Continuar leyendo

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And finally, here we are!

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In this blog, you will have the opportunity of discovering this and much more, and it will be possible thanks to the cooperation of Quim Piera, oenologist, vine grower and enthusiast of wine and wine culture in general. He will help us understand each detail in this field. Continuar leyendo

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