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A stroll around Clos Mogador with Rene Barbier Jr

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Last Saturday, at 12pm, we met René Barbier Jr. in Clos Mogador (Gratallops). It was one of those visits that give you butterflies, since this winery and region have been flagships in the winemaking world since our beginnings. René arrived … Continuar leyendo

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The perfect partnership between white wines and meat.

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“White wine for fish. Red wine for meat“…A lucky mantra that resounds in the heads of many when the time has arrived to chose that ideal wine for your meal. But is this really a fixed rule? In today’s post, … Continuar leyendo

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More on Clos Mogador, René Barbier and the D.O. Priorat

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We find out more about Clos Mogador, his wines, Clos Mogador 2007, René Barbier and their representation on D.O Priorat. Continuar leyendo

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And finally, here we are!

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In this blog, you will have the opportunity of discovering this and much more, and it will be possible thanks to the cooperation of Quim Piera, oenologist, vine grower and enthusiast of wine and wine culture in general. He will help us understand each detail in this field. Continuar leyendo

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