Wines to give as presents this Christmas

We’ll give you some tips so you can get your Christmas presents right when it comes to wine. To do so, we’ll present different profiles of people depending on what they usually drink, and here we’ll suggest several wines so you can surprise them while being true to their tastes.


Classical Rioja consumers: People who usually drink this type of wine like the subtle tertiary aromas of aging and its excellent bouquet. For a gift in this category that never fails we have Castillo Ygay Gran Reserva. Marques de Murrieta is a legendary winery outside of the station district circle, with its impressive 300 hectare estate from where the best and oldest vineyard is selected and the grapes subjected to a traditional winemaking process for over 2 years in 225 barrels, endowing the wine with those aromas that are so longed for by this type of consumer. A great gift in every sense of the word.

Ribera de Duero consumers: For lovers of wines with body and firm tannins, this D.O. is always a good bet. The clayey soils and the fino tinto variety in this area, together with aging in barrels, produce a robust wine. Young winemakers wishing to represent these regions have recently been emerging. We therefore suggest Dominio de Es Viñas Viejas de Soria. A less well known area in the province of Soria within the Atauta region, made up of old vineyards transformed by Bertrand Sourdais, resulting in one of the most surprising Ribera wines around at the moment.

Consumers of high expression wines: For people who like concentrated, spicy and powerful wines, you have a great opportunity to give them Muga Aro. A wine that is only produced in great vintages, as the 2010 vintage was and this 2015 one now is. A meticulous selection in vineyard with the bunches being selected one by one, followed by a wine-making process to get all the strength out of the fruit, does the rest. A really great gift.

Adventurous consumers: This gift is aimed at people who, when they enter a restaurant, love to scour the menu in search of novelties for their palate. Bernabeleva Carril del Rey is the wine for them, a Grenache made in the ​Gredos area by Marc Isart for Bernabeleva. A great wine that is fruity, floral, light and profound, capable of exciting the most restless people.

Trendy consumers: Here you can find the perfect gift for people who are looking for the latest trends when it comes to eating and drinking. One fashion that is here to stay is natural wines. Wines that are triumphing in all the best restaurants and wine bars in the world. We’ve chosen you La Llopetera by Escoda Sanahuja, a viticulturist who has been producing wine in this way for many years, a visionary in our part of the world. One of the finest Pinot Noir wines from our latitudes. It won’t disappoint you.

Consumers who go along with what the experts say: We set this last section aside for people who like to be informed about the best wines rated by wine experts. Here we offer you one of the great gems rated by Luis Gutiérrez for the Parker wine list. Clos Erasmus 2013 is one of its great vintages that he has given a score of 100 points. The sort of present that will bring tears to the eyes of the lucky recipient.

So now you know, here you have some great gifts for those who have earned them. Enjoy them!

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