Top 10 essential wines for every day

We’re starting off the new year with the famous January belt-tightening, and we can’t be expected to face up to it cheerfully without wine on the table. We’ve decided to prepare a selection of the best red wines at unbeatable prices, so that you never go short at home or on the table.


Parotet Vermell: Celler del Roure produces wines that are full of fruit and Mediterranean energy. Prepared with Garnacha tinta, mando and monastrell, and aged for a few months in earthen jars to preserve all the freshness of the fruit.

Viña Zorzal Garnacha: The breath of fresh air these young wines bring to the old Grenache vines of Navarra, in the lower area of the Ribera Baja de Ebro. This wine reflects all the goodness of the variety, fresh red fruit perfect for accompanying all kinds of food.

Abel Mendoza Jarrarte Joven Maceración Carbónica: The selection has to include this great wine as a representative of the most faithful style of carbonic maceration. Every year Maite and Abel produce one of the most typical wines of the Rioja Alta area. Loads of fruit and firm tannins that make it irresistible on any table.

Rayos Uva: Olivier Riviere, the “Gabaxo” from La Rioja, presents a wine with a perfect balance between fruit and light aging. This wine is designed to please the most demanding palates at any time of the day.

Les Argiles d’Orto Vins Negre: Joan Asens is one of the greatest connoisseurs of the Montsant area and an Orto Vins winemaker. He presents us with this wine, which is essential for understanding the area where fruit and floral notes come together to provide us with a vibrant wine.

Pruno: This is a wine for those who love to drink wines with aromas and tertiary flavors of aging. Spicy with a fruity base note and a medium-high body, it is indispensable in any meal.

Ultreia Saint Jacques: Having a Raúl Pérez wine on the table every day is possible, and besides, not just any wine. Ultreia Saint Jacques has been one of the most sought after Raúl wines, for its quality and price. So, Mencía lovers, now you know. Buy it!

Solà Fred Negre: Listed as the best QPR wine in the world in 2017 according to Decanter. A wine made by the Cooperativa del Masroig in Montsant and with the Cariñena variety. A wine that is fruity while at the same time spicy with firm tannins. perfect for enduring everyday meals.

Vizcarra Senda del Oro: The Vizcarra family bottles the essence of Ribera del Duero in this wine. a 100% fino red that they age for seven months to provide more structure to the wine. It’s become a classic in the area.

La Viña de Ayer Garnacha: this wine, produced in the subzone of Cebreros in the Gredos area, is a real gift. Old grenaches prepared and aged in cement. Balanced, juicy and fresh; properties that make it ideal for any time of the day.

With these 10 arguments we feel sure you won’t be short of wine at home.

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