Christmas parings: Pairing wine with Christmas broths

Some weeks have passed and we are inexorably approaching the great Christmas day. A time to be reunited with family around a large table prepared with traditional tasty recipes and, if possible, well paired with the right wine.

Therefore this is exactly the topic that we want to talk about in this post and what we will sell you in the following days: How to pair wine and Christmas recipes. So we unveil a series of articles with some ideas about how you can pair some of the most traditional dishes, and more complicated pairings with wine: The Christmas Broth

maridaje-vino-caldoTraditional Catalonian Christmas broth. © Cuchillito y Tenedor

The traditional Christmas broth is made from a base of vegetables (carrot, leek, turnip, potato, cabbage) and different meats (chicken, pig and veal) which are boiled in large pot with water. The secret to this Christmas broth is the cooking time, it should be long, between 3 and 5 hours, in order to achieve a concentrated broth, with a lot of flavour. Once it has finished its cooking time, they strain all the ingredients and serve it as a broth.

In Catalonia it is very common to serve the Christmas broth with galets (lumaconi in Italian), a great pasta in the form of a shell, while generally, the rest of Spain adds a hard boiled egg to the broth, cut up into little pieces, and bit of ham.

Additionally, a many parts of the Mediterranean coast they usually add Pelotas, small meatballs of mincemeat and pine nuts to the broth, that have been boiled for the last 20 minutes with the broth. The broth marks the beginning of the feats, and attacks the meat and vegetables left in the pot.

In order to pair up the wines and the Christmas broth we recommend that you decant the finos and mazanillas from Jerez (a salty character and sharp acidity from these wines that go well with broths and consommé) as well as fresh red wines with wooden notes, preferibaly second year, and modern tannins of the syrah, Grenache and pinot noir varieties.

Here are three reccomendations.

Manzanilla Papirusa Lustau. A surprising manzanilla aged in soleras under the flor, influenced by a humid microclimate and the sea breeze from the mouth if the Guadalquivir River. A versatile wine, salty and very refreshing.

Cara Nord 2013. A very interesting wine made with grenache, syrah and  small contributions from other local grapes produced by  Tomás Cusiné in DO Conca de Barberá. Freshness, minerality, broadness, fruitiness and a rustic character that we think would go well with a good Christmas broth.

Manga del Brujo 2012. Another coupage dominated by grenache and syrah with contributions of tempranillo and mazuela. A very interesting wine, from the oenological hands and scottish Master of Wine Norrel Robertson. Polished, enveloping and well measured sweetness.

We encourage you to try them. Enjoy your meal and these good wines!

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