Christmas pairings: Pair wine and Roast Turkey

We continue our series of recommendations of pairing wines and Christmas dishes with suggestions for one of the most famous and universally celebrated dishes: stuffed Roast Turkey

Turkey is traditionally eaten in the United States on Thanksgiving, and many other European countries consider it as one of the main dishes of Christmas.  Here at Decántalo we have some tricks for its preparation, as well as some ideas and suggestions to pair wine and turkey. You will love them!

maridaje-vino-pavoDelicious Christmas Turkey. © The Scottish Butcher

In order to prepare our fantastic Christmas turkey, we begin by cleaning the meat. Once it is clean, with the help of a baster, we inject sweet wine at certain points in the turkey so that it will stay juicy, we then season it with salt and pepper inside and out. Afterwards, we proceed by stuffing the turkey.

When preparing the stuffing for the turkey each house and each family has their own secret, but generally, everybody comes together with the same common idea: They turn to sweet flavours to contrast wit the meat flavours. It is common to use raisins, prunes, apricots and apples. Pancetta, cut into small pieces, is also usually incorporated into the stuffing, applying the perfect harmony with the general sweetness.

Once all the stuffing ingredients are mixed together the inside of the turkey is filled, tying it up with kitchen twine so that nothing escapes. After this, it is covered with olive oil and…placed in the oven!

So that our Christmas turkey does not dry out, there is a  “watering” at certain times during cooking. It takes 45 minutes per kilo of meat. Once it has cooked, the legs are separated and the breast is sliced and they are served with the filling,

The juice stays in the tray, add white wine and a little bit of chicken stock in order to get a gravy for the turkey.

As for wine and Christmas turkey pairings, we can count a multitude of excellent and different options. In this post we recommend to you more red wines than white wines:

As for white wines, the premise would be to opt for a wine with good structure and acidity and time in the barrel. White wines do not “intimidate” the poultry and gravy, and they offer a perfect counterpoint to the acidity and freshness of the dish. On the other hand, in the case of red wine, we would recommend that you choose wines that are very fresh, fruity with few tannins that will not mask the taste of the dish but enhance it.

These are three recommendations. You will love them!

Viña Gravonia 2005. Possibly one of the most “gastronomic” white wines that we can encounter. Viña Gravonia 2005 is 100% viura with nothing less than 28 months in the barrel, produced by one of the iconic producers in DOCa Rioja: Bodegas López de Heredia. A very special white wine. Body and richness, a red, but with the freshness of a white wine. Surprising. Delicious. 

A mi manera 2014. A bomb of fruit, youthfulness, agility and freshness. Ideal for this type of dish, 100% Tempranillo made by carbonic maceration, it is the most direct wine by Benjamín Romeo, alma mater of Bodegas Contador.

Acusp 2012. One of the varieties that, through subtleness and freshness, is the best pairing with Christmas turkey,  is without doubt is Pinot Noir. On this very special occasion, we suggest the Acusp 2012, a tremendous single variety from the winery Castell d’Encús, made by oneologist Raül Bobet in the Lleida Pyrenees.   A wine that does not leave you indifferent, and proves that it is possible to make great Spanish wines with Pinot Noir as a protagonist.

Enjoy these three suggestion in good company!

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