Christmas Pairings: Pair wine and oven baked Sea bream

Whilst we have written some articles in our special series about recommendations for Christmas pairings, we are progressing a little bit with our menu. So, after talking about pairing wines with soup and pairing wines with sea food, it is the turn of one of the great protagonists of the Christmas dishes in Spain: Exquisite oven baked sea bream.

At Decántalo we can offer some tricks for its preparation, here are some ideas and suggestions to pair wine and sea bream. Take note!


 A delicious portion of Sea Bream © Asador San Martin

As for the preparation of this excellent sea bream, there are no secrets: it is all based on the quality and freshness of the product. The better the raw material, the better the final result. We begin by cutting the potatoes in slices which we place at the bottom of an oven dish with salt and a good splash of extra virgin olive oil.

On top of this delicious bed, we place the seasoned sea bream, scales are clean and the insides have been taken out. We make small fillet cuts, and we add a slice of lemon that will give it a special taste during the oven baking at 170-180º; this is prolonged for approximately an hour. It is important that the fish is golden on the outside, but juicy on the inside.

After the first half hour of cooking, a glass of water is added to the potatoes, this helps keep the food moist in the oven so it does not dry out. Once it is finished, the portions are shared and served accompanied by potatoes.

Due to the delicacy and fineness of the sea bream, our pairing suggestions focus on white and fresh wines with personality, subtle notes from the barrel and all the smoothness with a good job from the lees.

In order to make our three recommendations, we have chosen an excellent cava made entirely from Chardonnay grapes, a variety with body, freshness and structure that we think will go well with this dish,

Take note of our reccommendations. You will love them!

Nisia 2013. An impressive verdejo, grown on extremely old vines (Many of them are pre-phylloxera!) at an altitude of 100 metres. Magnificent expression of this variety. A wine from Rueda produced by Bodegas Jorge Ordóñez which is uncommon but an incredible price. Only 9,70€!

Aloers 2013. Can Creda is the name for this interesting project by Cavas Recaredo  in Penedés that tries to explore and delve into the properties and virtues of the Xarel·lo variety through the ecological and bio-dynamic wine making. This Aloers 2013 is overflowing with freshness and character without renouncing the light and subtle creaminess supported by two months of aging in the barrel with battonage peroids.

Juvé & Camps Millesimé Brut Reserva 2010. We close this trio of strong wines with a sparkling wine from Juvé & Camps. This Millesimé Brut Reserva 2010 is entirely produced with Chardonnay grapes from vineyards that the winery owns in Espiells. Complex and intense. Unctuous, fresh and very, very long. A delight.

These are our three recommendations. And what wine can you recommend for us?

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