7 tips for giving wine at Christmas

It seems as though the Christmas lights have arrived in towns and shopping centres, we are fully entering into the Christmas shopping season, and like every year, we have to think about presents for family and friends.

On these occasions you want to choose a good gift, but it can sometimes be more complicated than hoped and therefore, we suggest that you cannot go wrong with our solution: Wine as a gift.


When we give wine, we are giving tradition, history, love for detail but above all, great moments in the company of others. Is this not the best present?

Therefore, if you are thinking on giving a good wine this Christmas and still are not sure why you have decided to, pay attention to the following tips:

 1 – Adapt to your budget

The first premise: The most expensive wine is not necessarily the best wine, so if your budget is a little tight this Christmas then take into account that a good quality wine does not have to be expensive.

Spain is a country that produces wine with, possibly, the best price to quality ratio in the world. So enjoy it!

2 – Know the taste of the person who will receive the present

There are so many wines that exist to suit a variety of palates, so before you decide on the wine, stop and think about the tastes and character of the person who is going to receive the wine. The situation, their relationship with you and the age of the recipient could all influence your final decision.

 3 – A present that says a lot about you

One of the reasons we like to give wine is because it is a gift that says a lot about the person who gives it and about the person who receives it.

If you have a creative side and you want your gift to be creative as well, you can decide on a trendy wine, from any Denomination of Origin or variety that is not very well known or is made with unique wine making techniques. An example of the best gift of this kind would be  Loxarel 109 Gran Reserva 2002. A colossal sparkling wine from DO Penedes with very limited production, made following the precepts of biodynamic farming and marketing, unlike other sparkling wines with disgorging.

If you are someone who does not like to take too many risks, and wants to ensure that the gift is a triumph from the very beginning, one solution may be to give a classic wine with a good structure. A traditional wine that combines character, prestige and quality. What about a wine with a long aging from Rioja or Ribera del Duero like Castillo Ygay Gran Reserva 2005 or Pesquera Reserva Especial 2003? Success guaranteed.

4 – Size matters

If you are thinking about giving a wine, another very interesting idea would be to give a magnum bottle. The magnum bottles have the capacity of a litre and a half, and are spectacular, a lot more than a normal bottle of wine. All of the best wines are bottled in Magnums as well, so you can decide the wine you want; its quality is a guarantee.

Additionally, it is ideal for special celebrations of 3 or 4 people where a traditional bottle of wine falls slightly short, allowing better preservation. Discover here our selection of Magnum wines.

5 – Enjoy Special Presentation

Another good option is to resort to a huge selection of gift boxed wines that the wineries release onto the market for the Christmas period. The special presentation of these wines means that they are meant to be presents.

They always present the gift boxes with the idea of them being given as gifts. Do not miss out on the selection of gift box wines and special presentation wines that we have chosen for you.

6 – Attention to the vintages

If the person who is going to receive the wine is a wine lover, they will appreciate wines, especially good vintages, from different wine making areas: Priorat 2009, Rioja 2001 and 2004, Ribiera del Duero 2009 and 2010…

A nice touch is to note your interest when choosing the present.

7 – Keep an eye on the special Guides

Finally, another good ally when choosing the best wine gift can be the ratings from some of the special guides in the sector, such as Parker Guide or Peñín Guide. Despite the controversy that is sometimes generated, it is evident that they play an important role and are useful for consumers who are not specialised. Additionally, who would not want to receive a wine with 100 Parker points like Don PX Convento Selección 1946 for example?

Whatever the occasion, do not hesitate to give wine as a gift. Get it right!

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