5 flowery white wines not to miss out on.

Orange blossom, honeysuckle, acacia, jasmine, magnolia…We all know these aromas, but could you find them in a glass of wine? Fragrant, seductive and summery aromas, these are a few aromas that we enjoy in our wines.

In today’s post we invite you to discover five flowery white wines that we are sure you are going to love. Would you like to see what they are?

vinoVino blanco y arcoiris. Imagen por Michael Porter (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

When we talk about floral aromas in white wines, inevitably we find ourselves in the territory of white and yellow flowers.

These aromas can be expressed in our glass through two different means: on one side, certain varieties of grape are very flowery (for example, Chardonnay often releases aromas of thorns and orange blossom), furthermore, these aromas can be released during the winemaking process, and this is thanks to the reaction with the yeast.

What would you think if we were to dive a little bit deeper whilst filling our glasses with some excellent (and flowery) white wines? Here are our recommendations:

Barbazul Blanco 2014. Orange blossom, white stone fruit and possessing a very good balance between warmth and freshness, produced by the winery Huerta de Albalá. A very interesting wine form Cádiz.

Gramona Gessamí 2014. This is a statement of intent, even from the off, the label gessamí means jasmine in Catalan. A blend of Musctat de Alejandria, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscat de Frontignon, seductive, mellow, subtle and ever so enveloping.

Mestizaje Blanco 2014. A very special white wine, created by a very special winery (Mustiguillo possesses the exclusive certificate of Vino de Pago). A rich and full bodied wine.

Vallegarcía Viognier 2012. This is without doubt, one of the best 100% Viogner (if not the best), that is produced in Spain. An enveloping, mature, complex and persistent wine.

Inspiración de Valdemar 2013. We close today’s round of recommendations, demonstrating our devotion for this wine, produced 100% from the varietal Tempranillo Blanco. A grape that is practically extinct (a mutation of Tempranillo Tinto), but little by little, we have the pleasure of discovering this great wine once again. Don’t miss out!

These are only some recommendations, don’t forget that there are so many other options. What is your favourite white wine?

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