Visit to Sers winery, D.O Somontano.

Pablo y Rosa, the owners along with their children of the Sers winery, were waiting for as when we arrived to the village of Cofita, in the region of Cinca Medio (province of Huesca).

Sers is the name given to the Cierzo, a very intense northern wind deciding for the area’s wine culture, in the language spoken in the region of Aragon.

In 2006 this family started up the winery Sers and started to produce its own wines from D.O Somontano with the cooperation of two advisers, Ernesto Franco and Jesús García.

They own twelve hectares spread over the village’s outskirts: 4 planted with Merlot, 4 sers winerywith Cabernet Sauvignon, 2 with Syrah, one with Chardonnay and one with Parraleta. All of them are planted in trellis except from the one with Parraleta, which is pruned in goblets, on a rounded stones soil at 400 m altitude above sea level.

They are all traditionally grown, and both the winter pruning and the green season work, including the harvest, are conducted manually. Its yield ranges from 3000 to 5000 kg/ha. This is a low yield, but we have to take into account that soils are poor and the weather is hard. This is the reason why the Council of this Designation of Origin allowed irrigation, which is used in Sers only to avoid the grapes raisining when the vines bear hard conditions.

The winery is large and simple and it is provided with the materials and the machinery needed only: stainless steel deposits, bottling and winemaking machinery.
We cross the threshold and enter the cellar where the wine rests. We find different toasted 225l barrels, all of which are made of Quercus alba American oak, from the cooper Quercus, placed in Alava.

The winery produces three wine ranges with an annual production of 25,000 bottles approximately.

The Primer is a Syrah varietal wine, a young wine that was given this name because it was the first to be traded annually.

The Singular is a 6-month-ageing varietal wine made of the local variety Parraleta. Highly recommendable its vintage Sers Singular Fuerza 27 2006.

And the Temple is a 12-month-ageing blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah.

In this year, two new ranges are being traded: the Blanqué, a Chardonnay varietal wine and the Reserva 2006, a first vintage wine made of the same blend as the Temple but with 20-month ageing.

The vintages are named after the Cierzo’s average annual speed. In 2010, this average speed that is known as fuerza, reached 26 Km/h and that is the name we find in its back label: Sers Singular Fuerza 18 2008.

In the last years, the winery Sers has got to produce very well elaborated, ripe wines with a well-integrated ageing. This is the result of the best combination of a careful vine growing and a delicate wine making.

We left Cofita with a very good impression of Sers winery, its wines and the people that are behind its elaboration.

Thanks to Pablo and Rosa!

Quim Piera

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