Wines made from free-run juice

Most of you will have already have heard of this type of wine, which is fine, soft and fruity, although possibly not as many will know the secrets of its preparation. In this article, we will talk about free-run juice wines, a different winemaking process than usual, more expensive, but that gives us exceptional wines. We will also recommend white wines produced using this technique which will not leave you indifferent

Would you like to discover how these wines are made? Well, pay attention, because we’re about to get started!

prensado-vinoWhite grapes in the press. Image by Klearchos Kapoutsis (CC BY 2.0)

It is worth starting by explaining what free-run juice is. In short, the free-run juice is the first resulting wort from grapes crushed by gravity and emptied in the press.

This type of wine flows by itself as a result of the weight of the grapes, and without any extra pressure.

Free-run juice wines are of the highest quality, thin and light, aromatic, soft and fruity. It is no wonder, then, that this technique is so highly prized in the production of white wines.

Due to the small amount of wine resulting from the first pressing, compared to wort from grapes crushed by the press, is not too common to find in the market wines made with 100% free-run juice, but fortunately, there are some great examples, as we recommend below:

Erre Punto Blanco 2012. A white wine from the Remírez de Ganuza winery, produced 100% from free-run juice. The skins and pulp of  the grapes are pressed and not at all wasted, as done in the preparation of its brother wine, Erre Punto Tinto. An aromatic, smooth and balanced white wine.

Gramona Sauvignon Blanc 2013.  A phenomenal varietal Sauvignon Blanc from “Can Aguilera”, whose vineyards are on the slopes of Montserrat, at 500 metres of altitude. This white wine from Cavas Gramona presents an intense floral and citrus nose, in perfect balance with the creamy notes fruit from its time in oak. A great wine.

Miranda d‘Espiells 2014. We stay in the Penedes on this occasion to highlight the freshness and aromatic intensity of this white wine made 100% with Chardonnay free-run juice. Another great wine from Juvé & Camps.

Alma de Unx Blanco 2012, We traveled to the slopes of San Martin de Unx, in Navarra, to highlight this interesting wine made from 100% Garnacha Blanca. An intense and complex wine. Mineral and delicate. Interesting!

What are you waiting for? You’ll love them!

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