Wines from the Ribeira Sacra praised by The New York Times

That the D.O. Ribeira Sacra is one of the production areas with the most potential in Spain is a well-known fact. The boom of these wines is continuously reflected and supported by critics’ reviews as well as in the media.

In this case, The New York Times has played an important role. Through its columnist Eric Asimov, it has set its sights on this small area of Galicia.


In the article Wine From a Sacred Place, Asimov describes the emotional tie that this majestic place evokes and the challenging conditions of wine producers in this area. He also praises the passion and resignation of the area’s great wine producers to such tough but rewarding conditions.

The New York Times columnist emphasizes the similarities between the freshness, aromas and dynamism on the palate of wines from the Ribeira Sacra to those from other areas, such as Bourgogne or Barolo. However, he indicates that it is still too early to know how these great Ribeira Sacra wines will develop.

Among the Ribeira Sacra wines tasted, Asimov identifies the Dominio do Bibei Lalama 2010 as the best wine. He defines it as elegant, fresh, complex, balanced; with floral aromas, herbaceous notes and red fruit.

And in case you still haven’t discovered the potential of wines from this denomination, here are three recommendations you can’t miss out on:

Guímaro 2012: A young Mencía with a thin, clean and expressive nose. Ripe red fruit accompanied by fragrant floral notes, spices and a delicate minerality that slowly opens up in the glass. A great wine at an unbeatable price.

Lapola 2012: Just because the Ribeira Sacra is “Mencía territory,” doesn’t mean this area can’t also produce some excellent whites. Here’s the proof: A very special coupage of Albariño, Godello and Doña Blanca grapes.

Ladredo 2012: Garnacha is associated with Mencía grapes, to give us this fresh and complex single varietal. It’s produced by the oenologist Dirk Van der Niepoort, one of the most important names in the Portuguese wine industry, which is concentrated on the shores of the river Sil.

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