White wines to pair with fish

As our most faithful readers will remember, a few days ago we posted an article about pairing red wine and fish, in which we proposed a number of tips and ideas in order to enhance our capabilities for pairing depending on the type, characteristics of fish and the type of cooking.

Later we conclude that these variables also significantly affect the choice of white wine to pair with fish, so we decided to write this post.We hope you find it useful!

vino-blancoA bright glass of white wine, by Ryan Albrey (CC BY 2.0)

The pairing of white wines with fish does not seem a difficult task, but there are a number of conditions to help you choose the most suitable wine depending on the menu.

As a first tip and rule, we recommend choosing your pairings in terms of weight and substance. The leaner and more delicate the fish, or if cooked in a simpler way, the fresher and lighter the wines. While the most fatty fish, with more complex cooking and firmer flesh requires more substantial and complex white wines.

To help clarify these conditions, we have prepared three groups amongst which we include some of the main species of fish, for which we propose white wines perfect for pairing.

Take notes:

If you cook a very lean and delicate white fish, such as turbot, sole, megrim, perch, etc., we will recommend always fresh, light white wines with high acidity and even certain greener notes because they help enhance the softness of the fish flesh.

Atlantic character wines, such as those from the Rias Baixas or Valdeorras fit like a glove to your dish, for example, Leirana 2013, from Bodegas Forjas del Salnes. A 100% Albariño which is very fresh and varietal whose previous vintage was considered the best wine from the Rias Baixas according to The New York Times. A blast!

We climb a step in our weighting, to choose a perfect white wine to pair with more consistent white fish, such as sea bream, hake, cod or sea bass, and softer blue fish, such as bream, trout or grouper. In this case, our ideal pairing would be more mature wines with good smoothness and even some fruit and a sharper barrel, without it masking the fruity freshness.

Wines with this profile include the Quíbia 2014, a white wine produced by the Anima Negra winery  under the protection of Mallorca. A blend of indigenous Premsal Blanca and Callet (a black variety) of good intensity and a more Mediterranean profile.

Finally we turn to the group of the richest and strongest fat blue fish. In this group we find species such as salmon, swordfish, mackerel, tuna … This type of fish will appreciate being paired with more structured white wines. Wines with body and flavour, which have spent in barrels at least six months.

Here we have chosen Marqués de Murrieta Capellanía 2010. A complex varietal Viura, with an aging of 18 months in oak. Dense, satiny, powerful, flavourful. You’ll love it.

These are only three proposals, but the options are many! What’s your fish and favourite white wine to pair it with?

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