What is a Mediterranean wine?

In such a passionate, wide, and often subjective world of wine, few categorizations exist to describe a consensus that is in as much, is so wide and varied when we refer to the division between the characteristics of Mediterranean and Atlantic wines.

In some way, most fans and professionals alike seem to agree on the attributes given to each type of wine. In today’s post, we would like to look at one of these factors: Mediterranean wine. Will you join us?

murciaPanoramic view of the vineyards in Murcia. Image by Ward Kardel (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Despite the apparent evidence, when we refer to Mediterranean wine, we are not necesarily refering to wines produced from coastal regions by the Mediterranean sea, but a generic type of wine, that is influenced by a series of climatic characteristics.

In general, a feature of Mediterranean wine would refer to wines being produced in warm and sunny countries, with annual rainfalls not exceeding 400 litres, this results in more intense, ripened (often almost compote like), structured wines with a good alcohol level.

This is why in more warmer and drier climates, we can enjoy more ripened and concentrated fruit. More cooler and wetter climates, on the other hand, offer fruit that is more acidic, fresh and lighter.

As a result of the higher concentration levels of the sugars, the yeast will convert this into higher level of alcohol (Wines starting at 13,5%, we can begin to talk about wines of this character), these wines will present themselves to be much more sweeter on the palate.

Would you like to discover some interesting Mediterranean character wines?

Here are our 3 recommendations:

Embruix de Vall-Llach 2013. Arriving from the town of Porrera, in the DOQa Priorat, this is a warm and intense blend of Spanish and internation varieties. On the nose, it is concentrated and powerful. On the palate, juicy, direct and fleshly.

Las Gravas 2011. One of the best monovarietals from the varietal Monastrell, that is currently produced in DO Jumilla. Las Gravas surprises everyone by its fine balance between ripened black fruit and a balsamic freshness. An elegant full bodied wine.

Finca Espolla 2010. We travel to the shores of the Costa Brava to meet up with the blend of Monastrell and Syrah, originating from slate soils and aged for 15 months in the dark, from the winery of Castillo de Perelada. A very good wine, very juicy and warming.


What are you waiting for? You are going to love them!

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