The Top 10 of the best White Grenache wines

The White Grenache (Garnacha Blanca) is a white grape variety of Spanish origin. Extending throughout the Iberian Peninsula, it is known by different names depending on the area where it grows: Alicante blanca, garnatxa blanca, lledoné, sillla blanc, sillina blanc, grenache blanc.
We can find it throughout almost the entirety of Catalonia and Aragon, in Navarre and La Rioja. It is a rustic variety that has adjusted well to hot areas and drought. Of medium and compact bunches, the berries are medium sized and very round.
Depending on the area and the different productions, we can find wines made with white grenache with high alcohol content and moderate acidity; wines with body, very floral and slightly fruity, the great majority with a bitter end, very characteristic of the variety.
We bring you a very representative selection of the different wines made with Garnacha Blanca.


Viña Zorzal Garnacha Blanca 2017: From Corella, Navarre, the Sainz brothers bring us this young and very fresh white grenache wine. Clean on the nose, it expresses itself with sharpness and elegance. Quite an easy to drink wine to conquer all types of palates.

Jordi Miró Garnatxa Blanca 2017: Jordi Miró presents us this typical Grenache wine from D.O. Terra Alta. A light stay in the barrel that gives it a little more structure, gaining versatility when it comes to its pairing.

Botijo Blanco 2017: Typicity and freshness define this young Grenache wine from Calatayud, brought to us by Fernando Mora. A delicious freshness that has long been a rarity in this area. Great job, Fernando.

Miranda de Secastilla Garnacha Blanca 2015: Viñas del Vero produces this white grenache wine in one of its best farms, La Miranda, in the Secastilla Valley, at 700 metres of altitude. A silky wine, with amplitude and freshness.

Bancal del Bosc Blanc 2017: We travel to the Montsant, where the White Grenache is the queen among the white varieties. Here we have an extremely varietal wine that expresses itself with maturity and fluidity in equal parts.

Tuets Garnatxa Blanca 2016: A natural wine, with a lot of personality, that comes from the Alt Camp area, northeast of the province of Tarragona. A fruity, floral wine, very long and fresh.

Gotes Blanques 2016: Another creation of Alfredo Arribas, this time in Priorat. A wine that expresses all the varietal character and the terroir where it is born from, thanks to a careful viticulture supported by good work with the lees in the winery. A mature, intense and very honest wine.

Bàrbara Forés El Quintà 2016: One of the most representative wines of D.O. Terra Alta. Carmen performs a careful selection in their two best farms to choose the best grapes that will serve to make this delicious white grenache wine. An intense wine, with structure and varietal expression thanks to its ageing in large barrels.

Herencia Altés Benufet 2017: we continue in Terra Alta to discover one of the most representative wines of this young winery. Nuria makes this grenache wine by combining different types of vats for its vinification, thus providing a wide range of nuances that make it unique.

Trotamundos 2015: from the best old vineyards of La Rioja Baja, this powerful, authentic wine full of character wine is born, showing all the potential of one of the most sought-after varieties in the Iberian Peninsula. A white variety with a red soul thanks to its slow ageing in large barrels.

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