The Worlds Best Grenache 2016

Last Friday the 4th annual “Grenaches du Monde” competition took place in Zaragoza. It was a competition judged by a jury of profesionals and international prescribers who selected the worlds best wines made from Grenache grapes.

The Grenache grape, or Garnacha in Spanish, is a variety that originates from Spain. However, due to its vigorous, productive and extremely resistant nature, it has become the most planted variety in the world, from its native Spain to Australia, Argentina, Turkey and even China to name a few.garnachas

Red wines made using Grenache grapes tend to have a low acidity and aromatic intensity, with hints of ripe black fruit. In addition to red wines, Grenache is also used to make white and sweet wine.

This years competition saw over 80 wines  recognised with the gold medal. Of these, over 50 were from Spain, coming from various regions such as Empordà, Terra Alta, Somontano and of course, Catalonia and Campo de Borja, which are known for producing superb Grenache wines.

Among the spanish gold medal winners is Alto Moncayo Veraton, produced by the Alto Moncayo winery. It is a spectacular and vibrant Grenache from the Campo de Borja region.

Staying in the Campo de Borja region, Bodegas Borsao was another winery recognised at this years competition, obtaining 4 gold medals for Berola (2012 and 2013 vintages), Borsao Bole and Borsao Selección.

Over in  the Monstant region, we find the gold medal winner Furvus, a hairy grenache made with a small percentage of Merlot. It is produced by the Vinyes Domènech winery.

Up in north of Catalonia, to the Empordà region, the Empordàlia winery produced Sinols, a blend between Garnacha and Caíñena grapes complimented with a small proportion of Syrah and Merlot, which is then aged for 9 months in French and American oak barrels.

If you want to see the whole list of winners, just click on this link here!

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