The perfect partnership between white wines and meat.

White wine for fish. Red wine for meat“…A lucky mantra that resounds in the heads of many when the time has arrived to chose that ideal wine for your meal. But is this really a fixed rule?

In today’s post, we want to try and break this rule, and we are proposing some ideal pairings bewteen white wine and meat. Would you like to join us? Pay attention, and let’s go!

carne-vino-blancoSuculent salty chicken, accompanied with a few perfect pairings. Original image by Jeffreyw (CC BY 2.0)

Before starting, we need to lower a little bit our expectations, unfortunately not all white wines are capable of forming this partnership with meat. To obtain the desired result, we will only serve full-bodied and structured wines, pretty much everytime, these have to be fermented and aged in oak barrels.

If our wine fulfills these conditions, it will absolutlely be feasible for successful future partnerships, especially if we use white meats, like chicken or pork.

Blending white wine and red meat is all together a lot more complicated, due to the lack of tannins that are present in white wines, although this is not impossible! Try to pair a good steak tartar with a well-oaked fermented Chardonnay or even cecina de Léon (a type of Spanish meat) with a well structured Verdejo. Tell us what you think!

At the end of the day, and in conclusion, it always about trying to find a balance between the weight of the meat and that of the wine, this goes without saying if the wine is red or white.

If you are thinking of pairing white wine and meat, then please take a look at three of our recommendations:

V3 Viñas Viejas Verdejo 2012. From Terna Bodegas in D.O Rueda, arrives this magnificent 100% verdejo, originating from extremely old vines, fermented and aged for 8 months in french oak barrels. A fresh, mature and complex wine. Unctuous and elegant. Ideal to combine with white unspicy meats.

Nelín 2013. We now travel to the DOCa Priorat to bow before this brilliant blend with a Garnacha Blanca base, produced by one of the best wineries in the region: Clos Mogador. Full-flavoured and structured in the mouth, long, intense and very creamy.

Viña Tondonia Reserva Blanco 2001. Genuinely complex. Viña Tondonia Reserva Blano is possibly one of the most well-aged wines on the market. Nothing less than 72 months. The result makes this white wine very unsual. Very gastronomic, complex and intense. Surprising to say the least.

What are you waiting for? You are going to love them!

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