The ideal serving temperature for summer wine

The ideal serving temperature of wine is of vital importance for its correct consumption, even moreso during the summer. Ideal serving temperatures will depend on the perception of the wine’s aromas and flavours at tasting.

Although a relatively easy factor to control, we aren’t always able to serve wine at its ideal serving temperature. The reasons could be many: a great number of social norms, many of which are actually false, or the great diversity of wines produced in Spain, each of which has a different ideal serving temperature.

tempThe ice bucket, an age-old friend of white wine. Photo by Jenny Pics

To cast away all doubts, at Decántalo we would like to offer some simple tips to help serve wine at its ideal temperature no matter the season. Take note!

It must firstly be made clear that, whether we are in the summer or the winter, any wine requires some sort of cooling before being served.

After all, wine is still fermented fruit juice and, like all fruit it tastes better if served fresh.

We must also keep in mind that the concept of “fresh” varies depending on the season. Generally, in the summer any red wine will respond well to being served a couple degrees cooler than normal.

Also, that red wine must be consumed at “room temperature” is a myth, since in most houses room temperature is around 20 degrees. which is definitely too hot to enjoy red wine.

Generally, the bottle must be cooled, to varying degrees, and gradually. It is important not to quickly change the temperature of the wine. We thus recommend that it is left to cool in a refrigerator before being put in an ice bucket.

In upcoming articles we will focus on the ideal serving temperatures depending on the type of wine, ageing and DO of origin.

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