Robert Parker wine rating for Spanish wines: Priorat wines and Montsant wines


UPDATE, FEBRUARY 2014The Wine Advocate rates Priorat wines, Cavas and other Catalan D.O.


The new Robert Parker scores for Spanish wines from Catalonia, the first wine ranking made by Neal Martin, have already been published.

There were not many surprises and we could say that the scores were awarded with a greater realism although, there were some contradictions. Anyway, the D.O. Montsant got great marks, which foretell a great future for this wine region.
The best scores were awarded to Priorat wines: Clos Martinet 2009 and Clos Mogador 2001 got 97 scores. They are both great wines, although the first of them has not yet been released to the market and the second is not on sales any more.
It is worth mentioning the great Teixar 2009, which got 95 scores and got the first position among the wines from Montsant. With 95 scores also, we found a great red wine from Costers del Segre (a D.O. which had never reached so high positions): Thalarn 2010, a Spanish wine made under the guidance of the oenologist Raül Bobet.
Two excellent cavas, such as Gramona Celler Batlle and the great Turó d’en Mota head the ranking of cavas with 96 scores each.
We do not know why Neal Martin has also included 9 wines from Mallorca (from this Designation of Origin only, without even mentioning any other wine from the rest of the Balearic wine regions) which reached high scores.
Here you are a link to the ranking, organised by scores and by Designation of Origin. Many of these wines are available at our Spanish wine online shop.

2012 Parker wine list by scores

2012 Parker wine list by D.O.

From Decántalo, we want to congratulate the 682 scored wines and the rest of the wineries for their great work (whether they produce Parker wines or not), which guaranties a great future for the Spanish wines from Catalonia.

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