Rioja wines: The classics

Rioja, probably the most internationally renowned region in Spain, which offers the best variety of style and wine profiles. Although, if we were to typically characterize this designation of origin properly, for what has made it recognisable across the globe, it is without doubt its historic capability in producing wines that have been aged for a long succession of time.

A style of wine that is often difficult to understand to the public. Throughout the 90´s, Riojan wineries were motivated to start producing more commercial wines that have been tuned to international tastes, this was associated due to international guide books listing certain criteria for wines to adhere to be considered great. This fact, motivated Rioja wines to come together to produce classic and modern style wines.

tondoniaViña Tondonia, a classic Rioja wine in its pure state. Image by Neil Hamilton (CC BY 2.0)

Today’s article is about Rioja, dedicated to its most traditional wines, highlighting the qualities and characteristics as Rioja wines with a classic profile. Would you like to join us?

As we were saying at the beginning, the main characteristic of classic Rioja wine is the amount of time it spends in used American barrels. The wine has an excellent acidity and is very adept at being left to age in bottle for decades.

Once in the glass, it provides a much evolved colour, followed by an arrival of orangey tones, with a light robe.

On the nose, it is predominately fruity, giving emphasis to the tertiary aromas such as oak, spices, leather, chocolate, smoked and even an attic aroma… A wide range of olphactory aromas that makes these wines an authentic jewel.

Finally, once in the mouth, these are silky, smooth, easy to drink and not at all bitter because of the gentle tannins rounded off by the years of ageing.

Would you like to discover some great classic Rioja wines? Here are our recommendations:

Viña Tondonia Reserva 2003. To talk about a classic Rioja wine means to talk about the the López de Heredia winery. The winery has not changed its production method since the creation of the winery all the way back in 1877. On the nose, it is intense, expressive, and full of red fruit, liquorice which later gives way to a fantastic spectrum of spicy, leather, tobacco aromas. On the palate, we find it to be flavoursome, creamy, wide. Simply magnificent.

Viña Ardanza Reserva 2005. One of the champions of classic Rioja wine, which has been able to capture the hearts of an international audience. Viña Ardanza 2005 was awarded as the best wine in the world according to Wine Specator in 2013. A classic to be enjoyed, sip by sip, enjoying each last drop in the glass.

Castillo Ygay Gran Reserva Especial 2005. Finally, a marvel from Bodegas Marqúes de Murrieta. One of the best classic Rioja wines of all times. The epitome of elegance.

What are you waiting for? You will love them!


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