Parker points for Bierzo wines- January 2015

Just as expected, The Wine Advocate welcomed 2015 with the publication of an extensive article on Bierzo wines.

On this occasion, Luis Gutiérrez – the Robert Parker delegate for wines from Spain, Argentina and Chile – placed special focus on wines of the 2012 vintage, which no doubt received the greatest praise throughout history for wines of this region.

bierzoThe countryside of the viñedos del Bierzo, ©CRDO Bierzo

Gutierrez praises the perfect balance between freshness and maturity in the 2012 vintage. Few vintages in the short history of this wine region, created in 1989, can be compared to this year.

The protagonist of this tasting is Ricardo Perez Palacios, responsible for the Descendientes de J. Palacios winery and one of the great contributors towards the wine revolution occurring in Bierzo.

Three wines from this winery have successfully arrived on the podium: Las Lamas 2012, which received 97 Parker points, followed by La Faraona 2012 and Moncerbal 2012, both with 96 Parker points. Excellent scores for these three wines, full of finesse and nuance.

The other big winner as a result of Luis Gutierrez’ tastings is certainly Raúl Pérez, who continues to reap excellent ratings in all of his wines, here we can highlight the 95 Parker points awarded to his Ultreia de Valtuille 2012.

But beyond the knowledge of wines with the highest point score, it is also worth reviewing the paper focusing on more moderately priced wines, and therefore reconfirming the good value of Bierzo wines.

Among the winners in this category, we find ourselves with a wine from Ricardo Palacios, a small winery:Pétalos del Bierzo 2012 received 93 Parker points. A magnificent score for a wine costing as little as €12.80.

Other wines not to be missed: : El Castro de Valtuille Mencía Joven 2013 and Brezo Mencía 2013. Two juicy young mencías awarded 90 Parker points which can be enjoyed for less than 7 €.

Click the following link to see more Bierzo wines rated by Parker available on our website.

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