Pairing wine with fish

As the heat of summer is slowly approaching, with it, our dining habits change. Almost without noticing, we abandon hot soups and stronger red meat in favour of dishes which are more consistent with the season. A cooler and lighter diet, which, as usual, requires a good choice of wine to be fully enjoyed!

In today’s post, we present some ideas for pairing wine with a popular dish at this time: fish. And yes, as you can imagine, our recommendations will leave behind the traditional pairing of white wine with fish. Today we suggest some ideas of pairing red wine and fish. You will love it!

 tinto-pescadoSalmon and red wine: a winning combination, by Migle Seikyte (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Given the above statement, you might expect our recommendations to pair any red wine with any type of fish, or lend ourselves to the conclusion that all fish can be paired with both red wine and white wine. Regrettably, we admit that’s going to be difficult!

Our explanation: fish always appreciate wine pairings with a good acidity, and make no mistake, in terms of freshness and acidity, white wine almost always come out ahead in red wine with regards to this.

However, keep in mind that among the variety of red wines, there are those of higher and lower acidity, which therefore makes some red wines more fitting to pair with fish than others.

On the other hand, we could conclude that when the pairing of red wine and fish come to fruition, extra acidity conditions must be met: low tannin levels and a moderate degree of alcohol.

– “Ok. I have a high profile wine in the cellar. I’ll pair it with fresh oysters … ”

Do not make this mistake!

And, besides wine, the fish should contain some fat index and have good weight in the mouth (referring to texture) or alternatively, be accompanied by minimally complex sauces.

If you are thinking of pairing wine and fish, take note of these three recommendations:

Acusp 2013. This Acusp 2013 is a 100% Pinot Noir from the the Lleida Pyrenees, which are over 1,000 meters high. We face a true example of freshness and softness. Try to pair it with grilled salmon.

doUmia 2011. From Galicia, we highlight this spectacular blend of Mencía with Espadeiro and Caíñ from the Rías Baixas. A red wine born in the land of white wines. Perfect acidity. Red fruits, lightness and minerality in abundance. A treasure.

Erre Punto 2013Bodegas Remirez de Ganuza, responsible for some of the best Reserva and Gran Reserva from Rioja, also elaborate light and fresh red wines ideal for pairing with fish. The proof is this Erre Punto 2013, prepared by the method of carbonic maceration and the small supply of white grape varieties that complement the blend. A real discovery.

What do you want to try? You’re going to enjoy it!

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