Pairing cava with meat

In today’s post, we would like to take up the popular discussion: Wine and food partnerships. More exactly, we would like to talk about pairing Cava (possibly one of the most versatile and gastronomical wines in the world), with any type of meat.

A pairing, which from the outstart could seem rather strange, given the delicacy and aromatic subtleness of Cava, but in reality it can offer surprising results if we follow a few solid guidelines. Come join us!

burbujasBubbles. Image by Jeffrey Keeton (CC BY NC 2.0)

It is worth mentioning from the beginning that not all Cavas are capable of making such harmonious pairings with any type of meat, or recipes. As we always say, and this time is no exception, the key to success will be to find the ideal cava depending on the weight and structure of the meal.

If we had to mention one elegant element that blends its self perfectly with the cava, that would be fat. The acidity of the Cava and the bubbles cut straight through the heaviness of the fat, refreshing and all together cleaning the mouth to invite you to keep eating. Sounds good right?

To better understand what we are talking about, we invite you to try out these high quality pairings: Have you ever tried jamón de Jabugo with Cava? You should! If you are now thinking about trying this out, we would recommend Llopart Integral Brut Nature 2012, a very fine, fresh and dry Cava, this would go great with the saltiness and the fat of the jamón (a cured Iberian ham found in Andalucía).

Now let’s try pairing Cava with white meats, this is where our international sparkling wines are like a fish in water. We would recommend enjoying the virtues of this type of pairing starting with the infallible Raventós i Blanc L‘Hereu Brut 2012 with magret de canard (duck). In this respect, the sweetness of the fat from the meat is going to compensate for the freshness of this fantastic Brut (dry) Cava. Furthermore, the residual sugar level of this wine balances and rounds off nicely this whole dish.

And finally, we turn to pairing Cava and red meats. This is possibly not the easiest pairing for a cava due to the forcefulness of the dish, although not impossible if we chose the right Cava. In this case, we propose to open a good bottle of Recaredo Intens Brut Nature Rosat 2011. A well-structured, wide and deep Rosé Cava Gran Reserva, this will not leave you feeling indifferent.

These are only a few ideas, however, there are so many more options out there! What is your favourite Cava and meat pairing? Let us know!

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