Pairing cava with fish

By now, nobody will be surprised if we say that our cavas and sparkling wines occupy a privileged position, among the most versatile wines. And they are often difficult wines to pair with dishes such as the finest seafood and strongest meats.

In today’s article we will focus on the pairing of cava with seafood. Fancy knowing what works best with each seafood? Well, pay attention, because we’re about to get started!

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The pairing of cava and fish should always be understood in terms of balance between salt and sweetness, fat and freshness and lightness and structure. Playing with these variables, we can choose more harmonious and more contrasting cava and dish pairings.

To help correlate these variables, we have prepared some pairing ideas for some of the major types of fish. Take note:

Pairing cava and seafood: Cava helps reinforce the flavour and aromatic intensity of seafood. If we are presented with a salty seafood, such as a red grilled shrimp, a good Cava Brut Reserva works well, it gives us a freshness and a subtle sweetness point that will add to the plate. If this is the case, do not hesitate to try Raventós i Blanc L’Hereu 2012. You will enjoy it.

We have a special mention of pairing cava with oysters, possibly one of the most pleasurable combinations on the planet. In this case, our preference would be for a Cava Brut Nature Gran Reserva. Dry, sparkling, structured, rich in nuances and if possible with some minerality that complements the oyster. Our personal recommendation: Juvé & Camps Reserva de la Familia 2011, a wonderful sparkling wine, awarded as the best cava in Spain 2014 by Spanish consumers. 

Pairing cava and white fish: white fish like turbot, monkfish or sole is very lean, with a delicate texture and fine flavour. For the pairing of cava with white fish, we opted for Brut Nature Cavas without heavily marked reserva notes, such as Llopart Integral Brut Nature 2012.  A cava with very subtle aromas, very fresh and dry, it helps to enhance the flavour of the fish without masking it.

Pairing champagne and blue fish: Oily fish such as tuna and swordfish is an ideal accompaniment to cava, since the carbon helps clear fatty sensations from the mouth. For a perfect match, we advise using a structured and unctuous champagne such as the Magnificent Gramona Imperial Gran Reserva Brut 2008. A marvel.

We do not want to conclude without the opportunity to highlight the cavas and sparkling roses which are the perfect accompaniment to all kinds of smoked fish. Try pairing a good fillet of smoked salmon with, for example, Tantum Ergo Brut Nature Pinot Noir Rosado 2012. The result is surprising!

These are only a few ideas, although there are many options! What us your favourite pairing of cava and seafood?

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