New Wines for the month of March on Decántalo

We’re here to present our new arrivals for the month of March.

Don’t miss these new wines, many of which have new references and are the 2014 vintage. As always, available now on our web page. Enjoy!1Lo Món 2010. The new vintage of this great wine produced in the village of Gratallops (Priorat) by the Trossos del Priorat wine cellar. It is a spicy, creamy and powerful blend of Grenache, Carignan, Cabernet and  Syrah. A wine with character.

Flor de Vetus 2013. The new 2014 vintage of one of the long awaited Toro wines is now available. 100% Tinta de Toro, this wine is very mature and tasty. A pure expression of this variety at an amazing price.

AN/2 2013. We flew to the Balearic Islands to discover the new vintage of AN/2 from the Anima Negra winery. An intense and tasty wine that offers interesting features and noble rusticity. An authentic wine, with all the character of the island of Mallorca.

Minius 2013. We welcome to our website Minus 2013,  the new 100% Godello from the Adegas Valmiñor winery. A casual wine, very drinkable and very good value for money.

Godelia Tinto 2011. We travelled to the Bierzo to source one of our favourite Mencia wines. Sweetly spicy, very fruity, balanced, elegant, complex and tasty.We love it!2Guímaro 2014. We continue with another monavarietal Mencia, but in this case, from the Ribeira Sacra. The new 2014 vintage of Guímaro is excellent! A great example of depth and minerality at a bargain price. Not to be missed.

Finca Malaveïna 2011. Time to travel to Catalonia and worship the new vintage of the great wines of the DO Empordà. A great example of creamy, toasty and elegant complexity .

Muga Rosado 2014. The new vintage 2014 of Muga Rosado has arrived. One of the most popular rose wines on the wine market. This is why stocks are exhausted! So if you fancy trying this wine, don’t hesitate and order a bottle now! 

Camins del Priorat 2014. The launch of the new vintage of Camins by Alvaro Palacios, is always remarkable. Much more so in 2014, a year which is expected to be historic in the Priorat. A fantastic wine.

Groc 2013. And we conclude by travelling to the Rueda (specifically Castilla y León), to present the new vintage of Groc, a co-joint project between Ossian Vinos and the distributor Cuvé 3000, a tall Verdejo, from extremely old grapes and yeasts. Imagine the result.

These are just some of our new wines of the month. We encourage you to try them, you will enjoy!

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