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Feburary has arrived, the coldest month of the year. However, this feburary comes packed with new varietes, that we are sure you will love. Arriving we have Garnachas de Aragón, white wines from the Rías Baixes, a suprise from Yecla, as well as classic wines from the Rioja and Ribera del Duero. Lets begin! redwineblog

Let us start with Viridiana, a red wine from the Ribera del Duero region. It is produced by the Dominio de Atauta winery, a small winery that has produced great wines such as Parada and Dominio de Atauta. Viridiana is produced using solely Tempranillo grapes, which are grown in vinyards planted around 20-30 years ago at a high altitude of around 1,000 metres above sea level. A fresh wine, light, that will be pleasent on the mouth.

The second variety that we are bringing to you is a white wine. The new vintage of Bolo, Bolo 2015. A white white created by Rafael Palacios in the Valdeorras region. A fresh white wine and very elegant, made using only Godello grapes grown on old vines.

Valdehermoso Crianza is another wine from the Ribera del Duero region. Valdehermoso Crianza is a red wine produced by the Valderiz winery, a guarentee of quality. Made using only Tinta del País grapes, it is aged for 14 months in French and American oak barrels. A full flavoured wine that combines the perfection of the fruit with the wood from the ageing process.

Albariño De Ferreiro, as its name indicates, is a white wine produced using Albariño grapes, a variety from the Rías Baixes region. Balanced, structered and fresh, this is a fantastic option if you like Albariño wines.

Gallinas y Focas is a red wine from Mallorca made by the 4 Kilos winery. It is a blend of Syrah and Manto Negro grapes, native varieties to the island. This wine is a collaboration with Amadip Esment, a charity that works with people with mental disabilites. An elegant and fruity wine, its last vintage achieved 92 Parker points.

Terras Gauda. Another white wine from the Rías Baixes region. A classic, we are now able to bring you the 2015 vintage. This wine is a blend of the native varities Albariño, Loureira Blanca and Caiño Blanco. Terras Gauda has an atlantic character. Not suprisingly, the vineyards are planted close to the sea, at the mouth of the river Miño, which contributes towards its character.

Now its the turn of Heredad Candela Monastrell. A wine from Yecla. An upcoming region, it has a strong character with alot of personality which is becoming more and more recognised. This wine is produced using Monastrell grapes, a native variety to the region, grown on vines that are over 90 years old. It is an expressive and elegant wine, that has scored 92 Parker points for under 15 euros!

Valderiz. A wine that embodies the character of the Ribera del Duero region. It is produced in an ecological manner, using Tinta del País grapes from vines that are over 25 years old. A full wine, that scored an impressive 91 Parker points.

Alto Moncayo Veraton is a wine made by the Alto Moncayo winery in the Campo de Borja region. The brother of Alto Moncayo, a wine that shot to international fame after twice achieving the imposible feat of 100 Parker points. Campo de Borja is the land of Garnacha. Therefore Alto Moncayo is produced using Garnacha grapes. It is a fruity Garnacha, expressive and very elegant.

And finally we have the 2012 vintage of El Puntido. A red wine from the Rioja region and produced by the Viñedos de Páganos winery. Viñedos de Páganos is a small winery run by the Eguren brothers, both winemakers in the Rioja and Toro regions, and owners of the Teso la Monja and Sierra Cantabria wineries. El Puntido is made using solely Tempranillo grapes, grown on vineyards planted over 40 years ago. The selection of grapes is very strict. It is an intense red wine, full of flavour, with a mark of minirality.

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