New Parker Points for Bierzo wines – May 2016.

This week another set of Parker Points were awarded by Luis Gutierrez, head of Robert Parker for Spanish wines, to wines from El Bierzo. We say another because this is the third time that Luis Gutierrez has awarded wines from the El Bierzo in less than two years. But this is no coincidence, given that Bierzo is currently one of the most interesting and upcoming names on the Spanish wine scene.


As Luis himself states in his article, the D.O Bierzo is one of the Spanish winemaking regions, along with the Priorat, that according to him are the best at doing things. Both Demoninaciones de Origin are working on increasingly smaller scales, in small villages, or perhaps working from individual vineyards. Because of this interest to reflect the personality of the terroir and environment in its wines, some are even beginning to refer to El Biezo as the new Burgundy.

El Bierzo has a peculiar landscape, marked by valleys around the basin of the river Sil and its tributaries, with rugged mountains of an average altitude of 800 metres above sea level, some reaching as high as 2000 metres. The region is home to a continental Mediterranean climate, although the climate suffers large variations depending on the differing altitudes, meaning that wines made with grapes from the mountains differ greatly from those in the valleys.
In addition to this diversity, Bierzo is also known as home to the Mencía grape variety. Often grown on very old vines, in small plots with steep slopes, cultivated by hand. The Mencía grape usually makes way for fresh wines, with a strong fruity presence, which usually undergo a light ageing that doesn’t seek to mask the variety, rather Cuenta con un clima mediterráneo continentalizado, aunque sufre grandes variaciones en función de las diversas altitudes.refine its nuances.

Speaking of Parker Points for the wines from El Bierzo, we should really mention two names above the rest: Raúl Perez and Ricardo Perez Palacios.

Raúl Perez was involved in the production of many of the wines awarded Parker Points, such as Ultreia de Valtuille with 96 Parker Points, Ultreia Cova de la Raposa with 95, Las Gundiñas with 94, Ultreia Petra also with 94, Rapolao with 93 and Ultreia Mencía with 92.

From Descendientes de J.Palacios, Ricardo Pérez Palacios’ winery, Las Lamas scored 96 Parker Points, Corullón scored 95, while Pétalos del Bierzo was awarded 93.

As well as the wines from these two wineries, the Akilia winery was also succesful. Their wine Akilia Villarín was awarded 93 Parker Points at under €20, while their Akilia Villa de San Lorenzo was awarded 91 points, priced at around €11.

Then there is the Luna Beberide winery, which achieved 92 Parker Points for their wine Luna Beberide Art and 90 for their Luna Beberide Mencía, a wine that costs little over €5 which we are sure will just fly of the shelves.

Finally, we have El Castro de Valtuille Mencía Joven, one of our favourite Mencías, which was awarded 90 points at a price lower than €6.

We hope you enjoy them all!

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