Ageing wine in the bottle.

The ageing  and maturing process of wine is a long, calm and delicate stage, of which the final objective is to give wine, tones, aromas and distinct characters that we find in the younger wines.

This process involves a two stage process: An oxidation phase and a reductive phase. Precisely this second phase, often ignored by consumers, is what we would like to explore in today’s article. Prepare yourself, we are going to show you the goodness and depth of character it brings by process of ageing and stacking the wine. Let’s go!


rimaMaturing of sparkling wines. Image by Joopey (CC BY 2.0)

The reductive ageing phase gives birth to the precise moment in which the wine, recently removed from the barrel is bottled and corked. These bottles are transferred to the cellar, where they will remain stacked in a horizontal position (the wine must always been in contact with the cork, this is to facilitate the micro-oxygenation process).

During this time, the wine’s elements are reacting, modifying its chemical structure, rounding its self out, and refining it’s character until reaching the optimum moment of consummation.

Whilst the wine is maturing in the bottle, aromas are being softened and integrated. The wine loses the rough, fresher aromas and becomes smooth and round.

The proof is that these wines matured in the bottle and that are truly great wines, can last for many years if preserved correctly.

Would you like to know some great wines that have been matured in this manner? Here are our list of wines.

Protos Reserva 2010. One the most recognised wines at national and international level, from the D.O Ribera del Duero. Protos Reserva remains for at least 18 months in America and French barrels and subsequently, rests in the bottle for 24 months. A silky, fleshy, subtly and enveloping wine. You will love it.

Tilenus Crianza 2008. A 100% Mencía produced by the D.O Bierzo head up by oenolgist, Raúl Pérez. This wine is aged for 12-14 months in oak barrels and rests in the bottle for a long period of time, up until its sale. An elegant, tasty and very well balanced balance.

Muga Prado Enea 2006. A minimum of 36 months in barrels plus another 36 additional months of reductive maturing makes this wine a perfect example of what a Gran Reserva de la Rioja should taste like. Classy and character combined in one wine glass. A pure joy.

What are you waiting for to discover these wines? You will love them!

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