Fillaboa 2012, the best young white wine of spain according to guía gourmets 2014

Fillaboa 2012 has won the award Best Young White Wine of Spain according to Guía Gourmets 2014 (“Gourmet Guide 2014”). This white wine from the D.O. Rías Baixas is made of 100% Albariño grapes from the winery Fillaboa’s own 70-hectare vineyard. One of the main characteristics of this vintage is the long period of ripeness of the grapes. The must obtained after the grape harvest turned out to be extremely concentrated.


Guía Gourmets de Los Mejores Vinos de España (“Gourmet Guide of the Best Wines of Spain”) is the only guide in Spain in which readers and users are responsible for choosing the wines and the wineries who should be awarded. This aromatic young white wine with floral notes has seduced readers and users, who have selected Fillaboa 2012 as the Best Spanish Young White Wine 2014.

Fillaboa has not only won this award, but it has also been selected as the best Albariño Wine of the Year according to the magazine Wine & Spirits.

After finding out about this award, we really feel like tasting it. Do you fancy it too?

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