Characteristics of the Verdejo variety: 100% Rueda character

With the publication of our article devoted to the Carignan, at Decántalo we finished our tour of Spain through its main red grape varieties. A fascinating journey that has helped us to better understand our native varieties, but that leaves us wanting more!

So as already predicted, and unavoidable, with this post we begin a new series on our main white grape varieties. And the variety we have chosen to start with is none other than one of our most internationally recognized white grapes: Verdejo.

uva-verdejoVerdejo bunches

The Verdejo grape variety is easily recognised by its small bunches of tiny grapes, their attractive golden color and thick skin. It is this skin that serves as protection against the harsh climate of the Rueda, some of the best wines are made from this variety.

Moreoever, the Verdejo grape is perfectly adapted to the poor soils and harsh environment of Valladolid. Rainfall and temperature fluctuations during the summer and winter, and between night and day help create that magnificent acidity and freshness, so typical of this variety, which allows us to recognise white wines from Rueda.

The Verdejo is usually presented alone, without blending with other varieties, offering very aromatic, fresh, glycerol and mineral wines.

On the nose, the  Verdejo give us a wide range of intense citrus and tropical aromas, with some floral and herbaceous nuances, a strong aromatic nature, which is unmistakable.

If you do not know this variety, we invite you to try it through these suggestions:

Groc 2013. From the Ossian winery (one of the most respected and authentic wineries) comes this 100% Verdejo from prefiloxéric vineyards (yes, yes, prefiloxéric!)more than 150 years old, planted at an altitude, and vinified using wild yeasts.  A wine with overflowing personality that is not lost.

Finca Montico 2013. The iconic  Marqués de Riscal winery, living history in Rioja (and Rueda), gives us this 100% Verdejo, unctuous, tasty and with a fruity step. A very nice and elegant wine, reflecting the good work of the winery.

Shaya 2013. Shaya is a 100% Verdejo developed under the technical guidance of the Australian, Belinda Thomson, alma mater of Crawford River Wines. A magnificent, remarkably fruity young wine with a subtle minerality and vibrant freshness.

What are you waiting to try? You’ll love it!

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