Acústic Rosat, a very different rosé wine

This week we’ve tried a wine that surprised us. A very different rosé wine, with plenty of contrasts and a stunning mid palate. Just because of its grapes varieties, its very special elaboration and because of the commitment and the risk taken by the winemaker, our friend Albert Jané, we knew that it would be a great experience. And in fact, it came beyond our expectations. We are talking on the Acústic Rosat, a very different, powerful and complex well-bodied wine, which reminds us of a red wine.

This is the first vintage of a Wine made of Black Grenache (40%), Red Grenache (40%) and Carignan (20%) from the same old vines with which the red wines by Acústic, the great Auditori and the intense Braó were elaborated. Contrary to all the rosé wines that we know, part of this one was fermented in French oak barrels and stayed on its lees for six months.

Its bright, clean, impressive ripe strawberry colour with dense tears already shows how will it be.

In the nose, we get the first surprise: we were waiting for an explosion of red fruit, but   we got something completely different. It is intense but not that powerful. It shows notes of red fruit but nuanced by the spices (stunning hints of vanilla) and its aromatic grassy touches. When we swirled the glass and after some time, the notes of fruit turn into candies, while some notes of flowers appear along with creamy notes,…  And that was the moment in which everybody agreed that even if this was a rosé, it needs aerating. It’s impressive how this wine can evolve in the glass, and therefore, it needs some time. And by now, its 14 alcoholic degrees do not show up!

We all wondered how it would be in the mouth. It has an extremely powerful attack. Its intensity is noticed all over the palate, along with a marked but very nice bitterness. It is highly unctuous and shows expressive notes of fruit and citrus hints with a creamy texture. It is very well-bodied… and its 14 alcoholic degrees still do not show up. It has a fresh and lively acidity and a highly persistent finish.

And what would we pair it with? It is not easy to answer but, of course, it must be with strong dishes: roasted meat, poultry (such as roasted chicken with herbs or sauce), quails, or even grilled vegetables or other vegetable dishes such as a musaka. Someone added that it would be perfect with a risotto, and someone else suggested trying it with trout… Perfect! But what about a blue cheese such as gorgonzola? Maybe. And many other options.

Some said that they liked the contrast between the mouth and the nose. Others said they had never tried such a well-bodied and powerful rosé. Its bitterness was also highlighted, as it becomes so integrated that we could not imagine this wine without it. To sum up, this is a very different, risky and complex rosé wine from Montsant.

Let’s try it and enjoy the surprise! And why not? Tell us what would you pair it with?

See you next week!

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