Wines by the Rioja Vega winery. New vintages already available.

This week we have published new vintages of the two most representative wines of the Rioja Vega winery, one of the oldest wineries from the Q.D.O. Rioja, founded in 1882.

But these wines are not only great because of their origin, since it is a winery full of history and tradition. We are in front of the two main representatives of the Rioja wine on an international level.


As an example, the honour of having been chosen “Wine of the Week” in such an important British newspaper as The Independent.

Rioja Vega Reserva 2008 arrives in Decántalo with 91 Parker points recently obtained. We are in front of the traditional Rioja blend: prominence of Tempranillo grapes, masterly mixed with Mazuelo and Grenache grapes.

A nice and modern Rioja wine, really easy to drink.

We cannot overlook the arrival of Rioja Vega Crianza 2010. An explosion of agile, round and persistent red fruit. One of those wines which can be perfectly served in any Tapas bar, two wines without stridencies, easy to drink and perfect to accompany a good conversation.

As it is said in the Rioja Vega winery, the wine must be an instrument of reunion among people. Of happiness.

If so, our assessment can be summarised in one single sentence: mission accomplished.

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