New Parker rating of Rioja wines

The Wine Advocate, the magazine led by Robert Parker, said goodbye to 2013 with the publication of the new Parker rating for wines from Rioja, the first list of the Q.D.O. Rioja with the new Parker’s man in Spain, Argentina and Chile: Luís Gutiérrez.

The first conclusion obtained in the article written by Luís Gutiérrez could not be more positive: The level of the Rioja wines is excellent!

Tempranillo wine
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It is worth emphasizing the extremely high average score obtained, 259 wines scored 90 Parker points or more out of the 616 tasted samples, more than the 40% of the total! A number to be proud of and which is within reach of scarce wine-making areas around the world.

On the other hand, the list has not shown any big surprise regarding the first places: wineries that are already used to “rule” in this kind of ranking, such as Artadi, Telmo Rodríguez, Marqués de Murrieta, Remírez de Ganuza or Sierra Cantabria predominate in the honour places of the list.

But let’s start talking about wines, since the spectacular Artadi Viña el Pisón 2010 got nothing less, nothing more than 98 Parker points, thus becoming the best rated Rioja wine. A gem that will not disappoint anyone.

With 97 Parker points, we find one of our predilections: La Nieta 2010. This wonder was produced by Marcos Eguren in the winery Bodegas Viñedos de Páganos. Intense, silky, large, delicate, complex…endless.

Eight wines got 96 Parker points, among which we want to highlight the fineness of such a classic wine as Castillo de Ygay Gran Reserva Especial 2005 in comparison with the amazing and elegance power of Contador 2011, Benjamín Romeo’s flagship.

Among the pleasant surprises of the list, we would also like to emphasize the 93 Parker points obtained by the wine Palacios Remondo La Montesa 201. A different, expressive and cheeky Rioja wine which boasts of impressive credentials, since it has been produced by the prominent figure of Álvaro Palacios. However, we have not told you yet the best feature of this wine. Its price: only 9.70€!

Regarding the white wines from Rioja, we cannot forget to mention the excellent 94 Parker points obtained by Viña Gravonia 2004. A varietal wine made of Viura grapes which shows in all its splendour the ageing possibilities of this grape variety and the good work of the winery López de Heredia.

Download the complete list of the Rioja wines rated by Parker.

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