5 young wines from Rioja not to miss out on!

Lively, vibrant, fruity and happy… Yes, today we are going to talk about young wines. These type of wines, bottled just after being fermented, ideal to be enjoyed whilst taking a few sips over the summer.

In today’s post, we are going to recommend five young wines originating from the DOCa Rioja, despite the region being famous for its long ageing processes, it does give us some fantastic youthful wines. Would you like to know more?

vino-joven-riojaStart the party. Image by Tim Ellis (CC BY 2.0 NC)

Please remember that young wines are meant to be consumed within one to two years once placed on the market. After this time, the wine tends to lose its natural freshness and fruitiness, which is the main argument.

We would also recommend that, with high summer temperatures, you can allow yourself to drink these wines a degree or so cooler than the most “academic” ideal consummation temperature (ONLY a degree or so!).

Here are our five recommendations:

Artuke 2014. A monovarietal of Tempranillo with a little bit of a help from the varietal Blanca Viura produced via carbonic maceration. Balanced, fresh, clean and smooth. A real summery wine at an excellent price.

Rayos Uva 2014. Rayos Uva is a blend of Tempranillo and Graciano produced by French oenologist Olivier Rivière in Aldeanuva de Ebro (Rioja Baja). Lots of red fruit on the nose accompanied by a surprising minerality and a fresh, juicy and embracing taste on the palate. This is a great option.

Finca La Emperatriz Tempranillo 2014 100% Tempranillo, produced by Bodegas Finca La Emperatriz, one of the benchmark wineries in Rioja Alta. A flavoursome, full-bodied and fleshly wine with a great quality-price ratio.

Artadi Joven 2014. We highlight this wine from Rioja Alavesa produced by carbonic maceration by Bodega Artadi. An explosion of fresh and crispy fruit, in perfect balance with subtle balsamic and mineral tones. Don’t miss out.

Murmurón 2014. And finally, from all the wines produced in Rioja Alaves and by carbonic maceration, we present Murmurón 2014. A very good wine, it is intense, fresh and elegant, produced by none other than Bodega Sierra Cantabria. It is a guaranteed success.

What are you waiting for? You are going to love them!

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