The Wine Advocate rates Priorat wines, Cavas and other Catalan D.O.

The magazine The Wine Advocate published in its February edition new Parker points for Priorat wines and cavas, as well as a broad and comprehensive review of the other Catalan Designations of Origin.

48% of over 700 wines tasted got 90 Parker points or more, a clear sign of the high quality of these Designations of Origin.

Vineyards in terrace form, Q.D.O. Priorat.

The publication of these new Parker ratings has left us with a few surprises, such as the arrival of a new wine into the select 100 Parker point club: Arrels del Priorat Ca les Vinyes, a wine that expresses the land of Priorat in the most traditional way. An ancient wine made in a 100 year old solera with only 60 bottles of 37cl produced. To get one of these bottles will be almost impossible.

Moving on to wines with top Parker ratings that are already available on the market, we have to talk about the classic of the classics: L’Ermita 2010, by Álvaro Palacios, which got an incredible 99 Parker points, making it the red wine with the most Parker points in this latest publication. An exceptional wine. The pure expression of Priorat.

Just after L’Ermita, and with 98 Parker points, come two marvellous wines from two different Designations of Origin: Les Manyes 2010, a Q.D.O. Priorat by Bodega Terroir al Límit, that according to Luis Gutiérrez, represents the authentic spirit of 21st century Priorat. Also with 98 Parker points, and this time from the D.O. Montsant, we have Espectacle 2010. A dynamic, energetic single-varietal of 100 year old Grenache vines, with a nose that pays honour to its name, an “espectáculo”.

97 Parker points went to two great wines which are again from Priorat. The incredible Clos Erasmus 2010, and Les Tosses 2011, again from Terroir al Límit, the winery which we think is safe to call the star of the publication.

Going down to 96 Parker points, we find the excellent Clos Mogador 2011 and Ferrer Bobet Selecció Especial 2010 both from the Q.D.O. Priorat, as well as the first cava on the list: Recaredo Turó d’en Mota 2001, an example of what long ageing of cava can achieve.

It is worth pointing out the 95 Parker points gained by Thalarn 2012, a Syrah made by Raúl Bobet, in Lérida at the foot of the Pyrenees, at a height of between 800 and 100 metres altitude, in the Designation of Origen Costers del Segre. This fantastic wine must be tried.

You also musn’t miss the refreshing persistence of Gran Caus la Calma 2010. A single-varietal of chenin blanc from the D.O. Penedés that earned no less than 94 Parker points, the best rating for the Catalan white wines.

The list of Catalan wines with more than 90 Parker points is very long, so in future articles we will delve a little deeper into the Parker points gained by Luis Gutiérrez in the Q.D.O. Priorat, Cavas and the other Catalan wines.

We’ll keep you updated!

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