New Parker points for wines from la Ribera del Duero

The influential magazine, The Wine Advocate, led by guru Robert Parker, released a great dose of news in August which included new Parker points for wines from La Ribera del Duero.

There have been mixed feelings about the conclusions drawn from an article published by Luís Gutiérrez: The Man Parker for Spain, Chile and Argentina. It is about his journey through Castilian lands and how they resulted in a passionate plea for quality over quantity and standardization. On the other hand, it also highlights the good work of the great wineries in the area and the discovery of new talent.

luis-guierrez-riberaLuis Gutierrez during a tasting session at The Wine Advocate © CRDO Ribera del Duero

From the samples that were received, Luis Gutierrez has included a total of 269 wines in the article, 145 of which gained 90 Parker points or more.

Some of the wines from Ribera del Duero that received the best Parker points can be found on our website.

Vega Sicilia Único 2004 97 Parker points for one of the best vintages in history from Vega Sicilia Único. Nuanced, detailed, balanced, refined and complex. This is a world-class wine.

Aalto PS 2011. The majority of Bodegas Aalto never receive anything below 94 Parker points which has confirmed, yet again, that they have some of the highest rated wines from D.O. This wine is balanced, powerful but also very subtle. A treat.

Alión 2009. A similar project in Ribera del Duero to the Vega Sicilia Group emerges victorious after its examination by The Wine Advocate. 93 Parker points for Alión 2009. On the palate it is abundant and juicy. In the 2011 classic vintage profile, he awarded it 94 Parker points, however it is still not yet available on the market.

Click here for a full list of wines from Ribera del Duero rated by Robert Parker (Sep 2014).

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