New Parker Points for Grenaches from Sierra de Gredos – March 2016.

Last week ended on a high and news that always gets us excited: new Parker scores for Spanish wines. Again Grenache wines from Gredos have been a point of interest that Luis Gutierrez did not want to overlook.

So what do we mean when we speak about grenaches from Gredos? Because Gredos, unlike La Rioja or Priorat, is not a ‘Denominación de Origen’. We are referring to wines made using Grenache grapes that were planted in the Sierra de Gredos, a mountian range located in the centre of Spain, which is divded between the provinces of Salamanca, Cáceres, Ávila, Madrid and Toledo.


Although these wines come from the different regions of D.O Méntrida, D.O Castilla y León and D.O Vinos de Madrid, between them they have certain characteristics in common. Due to the Sierras de Gredons location, the grapes used to make these wines are a grown at high altitudes between 600-1200 on granite soils. They usually come from old vineyards that are cultivated by hand given the peculiarity of the plots, as their location on steep slopes prevents from any kind of mechanical work being used. Small scale winemakers work in the region with the utmost care, producing fresh wines that manage to convey the interesting terroir of the Sierra de Gredos.

Assesing the scores given by Luis Gutierrez, it is fair to say that the region has managed to take full advantage of its potential. Here are some of the scores achieved by our favourite wineries:

We will start with wines from the Marañones winery. Their Peña Caballera scored 94, while their Marañones scored 92, two fantastic grenache wines cultivated from small plots. The winery also scored an impressive 93 points for Piesdescalzos, a white wine made using the native Albillo grape variety.

Another winery that faired equally well was the Bodega Bernebeleva. Their Garnacha de Viña Bonita was awarded 95 points, made using grenache grapes taken from 80 year old vines. Their Arroyo del Tórtolas then scored an impressive 92, made using grenache grapes from small plots on low fertile and granitic soils. Finally their Navaherreros Garnacha de Bernabeleva scored 91 points.

Another success story was the Bodega Canopy. Firstly, La Viña Escondida, a grenache made using grapes from 65 old vines on granite soils, was awarded 93. Malpaso, a Syrah wine grown on sandy soils, scored 92+. Finally their wine Kaos scored an impressive 91, another grenache from 60 years old vines that grow on slate soils.

Then finally we have 4 monos, who also enjoyed a successful year. A young winery that focuses of working with great passion and respect for the local earth and terroir. They achieved 92 points for La Danza del Viento, a grenache made from a single plot located at 750 metres altitude. Then they scored 91 points for 4 Monos Cariñena and 90 for 4 monos Tinto, made using mainly Grenache grapes with a small percentage of Syrah and Cariñena.

Practically all of the wines mentioned above are produced in limited quantities. So if you want to try them, I wouldn´t wait around, they could be gone before you know it!


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