Goodbye Mr Parker!

Last week, what already appeared to be an obvious outcome was made public: Robert Parker announced his official withdrawal from the publication “The Wine Advocate“, a publication that he himself founded in 1978.
After so many years at the head of this publication, popularly known as the Parker Guide, Robert Parker had already been gradually delegating functions for some time.


The Parker Guide, with Robert Parker at its head, and its 100 point ranking system, became the world benchmark in terms of wine criticism. We might even say that it has brought about a certain “Parkerisation” in wines, exerting a certain influence on the way that some wineries produce their wines, in an effort to please the Parker Guide’s critics, with the aim of obtaining a good score that would open wide the doors of the market.
Clearly Parker points have been, and will continue to be, a very important selling point.

In a certain way, we should all be grateful to Robert Parker for his passion, dedication to the world of wine and his work of prescribing that has, without a doubt, helped immensely to bring this wonderful world closer to the end consumer.

As Robert Parker says in his parting words, he leaves us in the hands of a wonderful team that will certainly continue to discover new wines with passion and enthusiasm. Here at Decántalo, we will therefore continue following the Parker Guide scores at the hands of Luis Gutierrez for Spanish wines, Lisa Perrotti-Brown, Joe Czerwinski, Stephan Reinhardt and William Kelley for French wines, or Monica Larner for Italian wines.

Goodbye Mr Parker! And thank you for everything.

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