Pairing of rice and wine

We are in the middle of the summer season and, although throughout the year rice is never missing in our diet, its consumption is increased around this time thanks to bars and restaurants.


Rice is a good dish to pair. Depending on the ingredients that accompany, you can choose any kind of wine. We could even go further and say that, according to the wine you want to drink, you can choose the best rice for it, whether the wine you select is white, red, rosé or sparkling. Below we suggest different wines depending on the raw material that prevails in the rice and on the different ways it has been cooked. So, let’s get into it:

The seafood and fish rice can have different variants depending on the way they are made. If it is a dry rice, we can opt for more fluid white wines with a not so aromatic profile, or also dry sparkling wines, with ageing notes, such as:

Valdespino Ojo de Gallo 2017: Made with palomino grapes from vines planted on ‘albariza’ soils, it achieves that perfect balance between the sapidity of the wine and the rice.

Monte Pío Albariño 2017: This Rías Baixas wine gives us a slightly more fruity sensation in the aromatic part, fresh, saline and dry in the mouth.

Recaredo Terrers Gran Reserva Brut Nature 2013: A very dry classic cava that will give us ageing aromas and the ideal freshness for this rice.

If we make lobster rice soup, it is better to pair it with a wine that has somewhat more intensity. In this case, rosé and light red wines go perfectly. For this fantastic rice dish, we suggest:

Dido la Solució Rosa 2016: A rosé with medium body and good acidity, which will leave out taste buds ready to continue enjoying this delicious rice.

4 Kilos 2016: Made with the native variety of Mallorca, the Callet, with finesse and complexity in perfect harmony.

Torelló Gran Reserva Brut Nature 2012: A Gran Reserva wine with the intensity needed to accompany one of the best rices.

mixed rice, surf and turf, is the ideal dish for those summer days when we want to enjoy a more consistent delicacy. To accompany this rice, we recommend wines with more strength but that are still easy to drink around this time of the year:

Remírez de Ganuza Blanco 2016: The work with the lees and the barrel ageing gives this white wine the ideal body and volume, making it the ideal pairing for this rice.

Scala Dei Pla Dels Àngels 2017: A Priorat rosé wine with robustness, freshness and elegance in equal parts.

Pícaro del Águila 2016: The perfect balance between the fruit and the wood notes of this Ribera del Duero wine goes hand in hand with all the virtues of this rice.

We cannot forget the typical Valencian paella, an all-time summer classic. Accompanied by lighter, easy to drink and very sapid wines, it will put the icing on the cake for these happy holidays:

Izadi Larrosa 2017: A delicate rosé wine, with good flavour and freshness. Not a single grain of rice will be left on the plate.

Pétalos del Bierzo 2016: A red wine from El Bierzo. Aromatic, easy to drink and very tasty, ideal for this type of rice.

Guilera Musivari 2007: A cava with a long ageing and fine bubbles that will accompany this sea of sensations that this fabulous rice gives us.

Rice, wine and summer. Enjoy!


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