Pairing mushrooms and wine.

With the arrival of autumn and its first rains, the high season for mushrooms begins. Mushrooms, like wine, are a product deeply rooted in the land, and with a very important culinary tradition in Spain.


Mushrooms are an extraordinary complement in casseroles and stews, with meat or fish, and a delight as the main ingredient in rice and pasta dishes. There are as many types of mushrooms as ways to cook them. All these combinations provide us with a range of flavors and textures that give us a lot of scope when it comes to pairing.
Here we offer you a selection of the best pairings that are sure to captivate you.

Viña Pedrosa Crianza 2015: a Ribera del Duero classic that combines with all kinds of mushrooms thanks to its tertiary aromas provided by aging in the best woods, and its notes of humid earth, humus and undergrowth.

Losada 2016: this silky and full-bodied Mencía del Bierzo is the perfect companion for casseroles and stews where the mushrooms provide all their characteristic aroma and flavor.

Castillo de Monjardín Chardonnay Reserva 2014: we can pair this white wine with wood perfectly with a cream of mushrooms thanks to its toasted aromas and its lactic notes, while leaving our mouth clean with every sip.

Jhana 2017: a fantastic rosé wine with a short aging that gives it the right body to perfectly accompany pasta dishes with delicious mushroom sauces, such as those made with boletus edulis.

Lindes de Remelluri Viñedos de Labastida 2014: a Rioja with its distinguished barrel aging that goes hand in hand with all kinds of mushrooms cooked in a pan, grilled or braised.

Roger Goulart Gran Cuvée Gran Reserva 2011: this long-aged and well-structured cava is the perfect pairing for the typical risotto with mushrooms. Its elegant aromas of aging in the bottle and its freshness in the mouth combine with these delicious rices in terms of flavor and texture.

Vilosell 2016: the flagship of the esteemed oenologist Tomás Cusiné, this is a full-bodied wine, elegant and with marked notes of spices, and one that will pair with the characteristic spicy flavor of mushrooms such Grey Knight or Horn of Plenty.

Joan Rubió Essencial 2016: This natural white wine, made with xarel·lo with a gentle aging, gives us just the right fruit needed to further enhance the sweet and fruity flavor of mushrooms like Chanterelle.

Callejuela Amontillado: This typical sherry wine, with body and structure and with its toasted notes of nuts such as hazelnut, combines perfectly with the fleshy flavors and textures that such delicious mushrooms as Caesar’s Mushroom (amanita caesaeria) give us. A pairing that is as bold as pleasurable.

Artadi Viña El Pisón 2015: We could not finish this post without mentioning this luxurious mushroom, the truffle (Tuber melanosporum), with its refined aroma, merits wines of the highest class like Pisón, one of the great wines of La Rioja.

Welcome to autumn, enjoy!

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