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What a year we’ve had with the bad weather and all the damages caused to Spanish vineyards. So, this month, what a better saying than “it’s the straw that brakes the camel’s back”. So, come over and read, try and enjoy the new things we have for you this month:

Tío Pepe en Rama saca 2017: A legendary label that continues to produce its wine with character and a personal touch. The 2017 sack or “saca” is achieved by selecting the best butts of the lower level or “solera” at the Tío Pepe winery. A more golden colour and more volume in the mouth give this wine a special character year after year. A limited bottling without precedents.

Valdespino Ojo de Gallo 2016: Valdespino launches this one for the second year in a row. It comes from one of the great farms of Jerez, Macharnudo Alto. A white wine fermented and aged on its fine lees, without losing any minerality that it is given by Macharnudo Alto. The essence of the albariza soils, bottled without any masks.

Barco del Corneta 2015: El Barco has launched the Corneta once again. Once of the most genuine wines in the country made from Verdejo has returned. They get better each year, and this time they have made it once again. Balance, passions and fun, all in equal parts. Bea and her new colleague, Félix, make us sail against the tide. A total delicacy.

Amós Bañeres Vinya Oculta 2015: We present you one of the plots of Xarel.lo with more character of the Penedés. Amos always interprets the vintages in a very unique way, this time with a shorter maceration with the skins. A fluid wine with a lot of personality from the wild Penedés.

Abel Mendoza Garnacha Blanca 2016: a new vintage from all its white varieties.  This year, we present the White Grenache, for its balance and complexity. A very Burgundy winemaking where the grapes ferment in barrels to give the wine a longer finish. Complexity, salinity and straightness in equal parts. Incredible.

Versos de Valtuille 2015: The Estévez family returned to their home town of Valtuille (in the heart of El Bierzo) to recover their family and winemaking roots. A return to their origins and to their old vineyards. They have started to make wines from the base, like this Versos de Valtuille, respecting the fruit and the aromas that evoke the landscape of Valtuille de Abajo. A Mencía like those from the past.

Bernabeleva Arroyo de las Tórtolas 2015: A single plot of a Grenache vineyard that is more than 65 years old. Located at 800 metres of altitude in Sierra de Gredos (Madrid) and facing north on granite soils. Delightful fruit and vibrant minerality, bottled by Marc Isart in a dream site.

Pícaro del Águila 2015: Jorge Monzón presents an outline of what will be the new electric vintage of his first wine. The grapes used are the first to ripen in the old vineyards he owns. A must that is slowly becoming wine in his underground winery. Slowly but steadily, Jorge is becoming an essential of Ribera de Duero.

Laurel 2015: New vintage of the “smallest” one of the house of Daphne Glorian in her winery Clos Erasmus. A wine created from a meticulous selection in the vineyard, it ferments and ages in different containers. A great wine of the Priorat, powerful, mineral and Mediterranean.

Loxarel Ancestral a Pèl 2016: Josep Mitjans never ceases to surprise us year after year from his winery located in Penedés. This time, he has made an ancestral-style sparkling wine. The Xarello grape ferments its amphorae with its skins and it is bottled before it burns all the sugars, in order to produce the natural fizz in each bottle. A refreshing delight, full of aromas of yeast and citrus.

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