Latest wines: new wines at Decántalo February 2018


We start off the month of February, a complicated month, or let’s just say a month of transition. Cold, rain and snow are a daily companion, so our desire to be at home and enjoy some good wines is more than necessary to get through this month. With this selection of new wines we have put together for you, you won’t need to leave the house to enjoy the marvelous things the sun has done during the year to make the vines grow and to ripen the grapes.

Improvisacio 2016: Enric Soler makes this great Xarello wine. A wine that reflects all the effort carried out in the vineyard, and the minerality and the rectitude that can be achieve in the area. An essential wine to get to know this native variety of Penedés.

Blanco de Bernabeleva 2016: a good wine to get to understand the white varieties of the northern area of Madrid. Albillo and Maccabeu from different plots and aged in wood. It offers us a muscular wine, unctuous but fresh at the same time.

Can Sumoi Xarel·lo 2016: the new change of direction that Pepe Raventós has taken for still wines has been surprising and positive. He has opted to produce without adding any chemical elements to the vineyard or to the processing, with a great result of pureness and clarity. Great job!

Dido La Universal 2016: New vintage of one of the wines that has revalued the Montsant. Year after year, Sara Pérez and René Barbier Jr have been refining the winery’s basic wine, looking for the most fruity and drinkable part of it. A great job that raises interest for this territory.

Ultreia Saint Jacques 2016: The small one in Raúl Pérez’s family. It is one of the most sought wines by the followers of this great oenologist. It is the result of the great value-for-money ratio of this wine. A great Mencia for all budgets.

Les Tosses 2015: Dominik Huber revisits one of the most impressive Carignans of Priorat. A small vineyard of 90 years planted on slate floors, from which he has extracted the most fragrant and airy part. An unmissable Carignan.

Gallinas Y Focas 2015: new vintage of one of the most fruity, juicy and solidary wines of Mallorca. A collaboration between 4 Kilos and Amadip, where the Manto Negro variety and the people are the key elements. Fellowship and good wine.

Guímaro 2017: If you want to start exploring the wines of Ribeira Sacra here you have a good guide to get started. A Mencia that perfectly reflects the most Atlantic influence, compared to the neighbouring area of Bierzo. Pedro Rodriguez makes this fresh and light Mencia wine.


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