The rise of natural wines

Some time ago, we talked about the origin of the trend of natural wines, or wines without sulfites, and their recent boom. Today, we can confirm that it is one of the most significant trends in the world of wine.


Large wineries are starting to make some wines without added sulfites. In fact, several recent advertising campaigns of industrial beers have begun to highlight that they do not contain added sulfites. This is what the future holds!

But why is this happening?

  • This type of wines is easier to drink since they are usually made in a lighter way and without macerating too much.
  • The more fruity character of this type of wine, without the new woods used in its ageing,
  • is managing to connect with an audience that is not necessarily knowledgeable and that likes to try new things, new wines that can be enjoyed more casually.
  • The taste is now being modified towards more acidic flavours that come from natural fermentations, such as bread made with sourdough, kombucha or craft beers with spontaneous fermentation.
  • In the cities, more and more places are opening where they choose this type of wines. And they are definitely becoming places of reference.
  • In the high restoration sector, more and more sommeliers are choosing pairings with this type of wines that offer a wider range of aromas, flavours and colours.
  • There is also a growing awareness of a responsible diet, respecting the environment and the craftsmanship of the product.

We believe that it is a market that still has to establish its rules of the game, and both the profile of producers and consumers is yet to be defined. What we do know for sure is that natural wines are a trend that is here to stay.



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